Breath Awareness

When was the last time you thought about breathing? One way people practice mindfulness is to focus on your breath going in and out. Why? Our brains are just so wrapped up in the worrying, planning, striving, judging that it does. it’s hard for us to stop thinking and analyzing everything. By focusing on a breathing exercise our brain stops with it’s busyness and notices the breath entering and leaving our bodies. We’re giving our brain something else to keep it busy. Now instead of planning and thinking our brain is focused on noticing our breathing

How to be Mindful

Try this exercise: Feel your breath flowing in and out. Try breathing in while you count to 4, then breath out and while you count to 4 again. Keep repeating this. Each time your mind wanders just gently bring yourself back to your breathing. Is it hard to stay focused on breathing? You bet it is! Your mind will wander time and time again, but that is what the practice is all about, learning to re-focus your attention. Spend 15 minutes doing this and then note whether your stress level has decreased. I’m betting you’ll find that it has.

Seek Conscious Awareness

Though we can define mindfulness as being aware, that isn’t all it’s about. It means paying attention deliberately. It means taking the ordinary moments in our lives and deliberately noticing all the details on purpose. So rather than just noticing or perhaps not even seeing an apple sitting on the counter, mindfulness requires that we notice everything about the apple. Is it red or green? Dull or shinny? Is there a smell to it? Is it sitting straight or crooked? Does it have a stem? Is it smooth or bumpy?

Guided Meditation

The Soul Of Healing Meditations Deepak Chopra

The Soul Of Healing Meditations by Deepak Chopra
Practice breathing, total body awareness, gratitude and forgiveness through this guided meditation narrated by Deepak Chopra. Guided meditation, where a voice directs you as to what to do next, is an easy way to learn how to meditate. The narration helps keep you on track.