Can Practicing Mindfulness Reduce Stress?

The short answer is yes!! Mindfulness has been proven to reduce stress. It has also been shown to be effective in alleviating other mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Jon Kabat-Zinn pioneered the program Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MSBR) in which the practices of mindfulness, meditation and yoga are brought together. This program has been highly effective in hospitals when taught to patients with chronic pain and illnesses. Patients have been able to reduce their reliance on pain medications and have found their outlook on life has greatly improved. Kabat-Zinn’s success with this program has brought about many research studies which show that mindfulness is very effective at reducing stress.

A Minute for Me book

I was lucky to have taken a MSBR course myself. I battle both depression and post traumatic stress. Through practicing the techniques I was able to stop taking the anti-depressants I was on. Though it wasn’t a cure-all for my post traumatic stress I’ve found the techniques I learned about from this course very helpful for managing my symptoms of both depression and PTSD.