The Most Popular Mindfulness Books for Beginners

Mindfulness can change your life. It can help you find peace in a frantic world. Simple and easy to learn, it can be incorporated into our daily lives with relative ease. These popular recommended mindfulness books for beginners will show you how practicing these simple techniques can help you reduce the stress and unhappiness in your life.

Armed with these easy techniques you will find yourself living life with a peace and tranquility that you never dreamed of before. You’ll be able to tackle all that life throws at you with a new inner strength and courage. Learn to live in the moment and appreciate your surroundings rather than stressing out about something that might happen. We worry too much and spend a lot of time thinking about things that make us unhappy.

Mindfulness Has Been Scientifically Proven

Being mindful reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. Mindfulness is a scientifically proven method for managing depression, anxiety, stress, and pain. Once you learn how to stay fully present in the moment and appreciate all that life can throw at you, you see the world through different eyes. You’ll approach life with wonderment and curiosity rather than fear and loathing.

The Mindfulness Solution book cover

#1 The Mindfulness Solution – Lessen Negative Thoughts

Learn the tools to cultivate acceptance, patience, and compassion. Enrich your well-being and sense of purpose to find new meaning in your life. Change your tendencies to dwell on the negative, emotionally draining aspects of life with a few easy steps. Find and develop new tools to cope with life’s ups and downs. Mindfulness doesn’t require any special equipment or training and you can implement it into your life immediately. Learn how to use your breathing to calm yourself down.

Mindfulness in Plain English book cover

#2 Mindfulness in Plain English – Find Your Sense of Purpose
This is one of the most popular books on mindfulness. A reference for learning new ways to accept and be at peace when your life is too overwhelming.

One Minute Mindfulness book cover

#3 One-Minute Mindfulness – Learn to Love Yourself
Overwhelmed? Too busy to care? Learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your life and find renewed energy. Teach yourself the quick way to do mindfulness.

The Mindful Way to Self-Compassion book cover

#4 The Mindful Way to Self-Compassion – Stop Destroying Yourself
Don’t you wish you could silence that critical voice inside your head? Mindfulness helps us to accept and embrace all that we are. Hush the voices and embrace happiness.

The Mindfulness Code book cover

#5 The Mindfulness Code – Cut Yourself Some Slack
Find contentment, confidence, and joy as you shift your awareness to your surroundings and explore a new ways to find peace in your busy life.

Mindfulness An Eight Week Plan book cover

#6 Mindfulness: An Eight Week Plan – Get Control Over Stress
In eight weeks break your bad habits, and learn how to embrace your imperfections. Find calmness and serenity in this busy world.

Recommended Mindfulness Books by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Jon Kabat-Zinn is perhaps the most well-known proponent of mindfulness. He is the founder of the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, and has researched the benefits of the practice of mindfulness in his clinic. His research shows that mindfulness has helped hospital patients improve their quality of life despite their illnesses. They’ve not only been able to reduce their pain, but also improved their outlook on life.

Mindfulness for Beginners book cover

#7 Mindfulness for Beginners – Get Your Life in Order
Jon Kabat-Zinn pioneered the concept of mindfulness and it’s health benefits. Mindfulness invites people to understand and embrace life with simplicity and to be mindful in everyday life.

Wherever You Go, There You Ar Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life by Jon Kabat-Zinn

#8 Wherever You Go, There You Are – by Jon Kabat-Zinn
Always striving to get somewhere can end up in disappointment when you don’t arrive where you expected. If you are always striving, life will always be disappointing.

Arriving at Your Own Door book cover

#9 Arriving at Your Own Door – Let Go of Stress
Mindfulness is about learning a new perspective. Though sometimes it is used in meditation, it’s not necessary to become a meditator to use this book.

Letting Everything Become Your Teacher book cover

#10 Letting Everything Become Your Teacher – Learn to Live in the Moment
Teach yourself to let life just be, and accept life as it unfolds.